Till the end of this month the moovie trivia quiz would be brought to a halt since I am having a busy time. And since kaidha is on a little holiday, there is no one to do it. So I would be ready & set by the end of this month. Till then you guyz enjoy all the other contests going on around the blogger. SORRY for this. Hope you guyz understand! :)

Monday, March 26, 2007


(1) You cannot submit you answers anonymously.(plz use your own name and email cox it would make my life esier to post the badge)

(2) One answer per person

(3) Dont discusss in anyones Cbox or any other chat (you will be disqulified if you do so , Sorrry)
(4) Send your answers as a comment

(5) Winners are awarded a badge (If more than one ofcox there wil be a draw)

(6) Spelling will be considered so keeep that in mind

(7) Answers will be published at 20:00 so answer before that, answers posted after that will not be considered

(8) Quizes will be there 7 Days a week