Till the end of this month the moovie trivia quiz would be brought to a halt since I am having a busy time. And since kaidha is on a little holiday, there is no one to do it. So I would be ready & set by the end of this month. Till then you guyz enjoy all the other contests going on around the blogger. SORRY for this. Hope you guyz understand! :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


From which moovie is the following scene from???

Answer will be posted 06.09.07 @ 20:00 Hours!


finifenmaa said...

movie: The Haunted Mansion

scrambler: Eddie Murphy

shaf said...

trivia : The haunted mansion
scrambler: eddie murphy

Style Virus said...

Movie Name: The Haunted Mansion
Scrambler Word: Eddie Murphy

foniboki said...

The Haunted Mansion
Eddie Murphy

ODIUM said...

trivia: haunted mansion

scrambler: eddie murphy

satanschild said...

its a scene form The Haunted Mansion released in 2003

scrambler answer is eddie murphy